- Digital Summer Promotion -

Working TMW Unlimited I was tasked with initially amending a previous email as well as  creating a new one. The Wilko Recommends email was designed to follow up on a previous purchase with relevant and related items that the customer might be interested in purchasing.


This had the aim of boosting sales and also try and strengthen the relationship between Wilko and it’s customers base. The e-mails were conceived to be very spacious and as easy to read a possible with simple graphical elements and Wilko’s brand colours.

For this example we looked at a persona purchasing a barbecue and subsequently offered the client additional items such as, a barbecue lighter, barbecue cleaner,  charcoal, firelighters and an apron.


These were presented ina clear and straightforward fashion with lots of graphical elements to make the email airy and engaging.

In addition to the e-mail work I also worked on a Facebook  carousel advertisement. This was, of course, very similar to the e-mails featuring bunting and the products. These were then mocked up into desktop and mobile versions ready for scrutiny and hopefully approval from Wilko.

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