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I started with researching both the target market as well as the clients industry. This will help me to gain understanding of what direction to avoid so as to create something that will stand out from the crowd a well as avoid looking too similar to others brands on the market.


The client was initially set on a specific design so I had to talk them into letting me actually design the mark. Subsequently I worked through a very wide variety of different approaches and finally we agreed on a the finished design which used negative space to imply the presence on a a tower structure.

Taking the idea that I really favoured and which clearly had a great deal of potential and after a lot of sketching and thought I end up moving the image to a more central position. This gave it a Ying-Yang type of feel and also used the negative space that I wanted. I liked that the logo then either became an abstract shape which looked interesting or, on further inspection, a tower structure became apparent. Adding a yellow to emphasise the beacon nature of a watchtower completed the logo along with an outline on the logotype.


In addition I took Hydro 74’s typeface Ocelot’s Piss and adapted it to make it shorter and thicker so as to offset the height of the logo itself.

Watchtower Games were a new entry into the hobbyist board and card game industry. They were passionate gamers themselves and wanted to place that passion into their own products. The were committed to building the best possible products to keep adults and up entertained.

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