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Working with 360i I was tasked to work on their TSB account who were looking to use Augmented Reality to promote their Pride of Britain campaign which they are running in partnership with The Sun tabloid newspaper.


Illustrations were worked from Illustrator and exported in After Effects and then a sprite sheet was created which was then imported in Facebook’s augmented reality application AR Studio.

This involved creating a banner animation to introduce some initial movement and then a variety of different elements would appear which would interact with the users face - balloons, hearts, globes and confetti all coloured in TSB’s brand palette. The illustrations would then have lighting effects added in AR Studio.

In addition to the augmented reality work I looked at creating some Facebook adverts which the user would have to swipe through. The Pride of Britain awards campaign is designed to give recognition to ordinary folk who contribute a lot to their society. Both advertisements were designed to give a customer journey through the ad and to end up with a call to action at the end. At the time of writing the bottom right panel featuring illustrations were planned to be animated.

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