- Newly founded Jamaican Rum Brand -

Smatt’s Rum is a London based Jamaican Rum brand who required to rework a large amount of the existing marketing collateral artwork as well as create some original work refresh some existing collateral. These included recipes, brochures booklets and lists, billboard advertising.

All the collateral had to be produced and worked in the pre-existing brand values and guidelines.  This was a Cocktail list for use in The Tiki Bar in Jamaica. The list needed to look suitably elegant but not too overly-elitist and using the Smatt’s brand’s blue and white look and feel.

In addition a short series of cards need to be created which would serve as a brochure to be used in Drink Expos, advertising and around the office.


The pages featured photographs of Jamaica, aging barrels and a pot still all shot in very moody black and white. I was asked to complete a small amount of photo-editing on a couple and I chose the composition  and cropped the images as I saw fit.


The copy on the back of the cards outlined the history behind the Smatts’ brand, their distillation process, a brief outline of the distillation process and some samples cocktail recipes.

I was also asked to produce a small cocktail recipe booklet which would be attached to the bottle.


As before the collateral had to stick with Smatt’s minimalist, very white aesthetic. The typography utilised a very simple, sans-serif font combined with a very cursive typeface.


Previously the literature had been, in my opinion, very overly busy so I felt it was very important to strip a loot back so that the message was simplified and clear.

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