- The Original Rolling Paper On a Roll -

I entered a contest held by Rips Rolling Papers, held in conjunction with The Marketing Farm in Cheltenham, to create some limited edition packaging for Rips’s summer promotion, called The Great Rip Up.

The theme of the promotion was a road trip and Rips were looking for work that exemplified the concept and idea of summer road trip in a simple and easily-recognisable fashion. The artist was given complete freedom to interpret the concept in absolutely any way that they saw fit.


My entry centred around the idea of ambiguity on behalf the viewer in so far as I didn’t want to indicate any specific time period. Had he just left? Was he coming back? The smile on his face also added to the intended mystery as it could be as a result of many different possible scenarios. Again he could be looking forward to the events which could unfold during the time away or then again it could be as due to the nostalgia of what has gone one before.


In my pitch that accompanied my entry I told Rips of my larger vision for the project. I thought that the promotion could be widen by creating a 5 panel series which would then tell a story in a similarly ambiguous fashion, hopefully this would create a collectable series of packaging.


I wanted to tell a story of the road trip, with certain markers of the trip which would be combined with a love story. I wanted the packets to become collectable items which their viewer would be able to read and also engage with the story by filling the blanks in themselves.