- Honing Coding Skills -

Peer:Peer’s branding had to evoke the simplicity of the brands approach to learning. Peer:Peer wanted their brand to be perceived as no-nonsense and as easy as possible to understand whilst also being fun. The colours red and black were taken from playing cards to help elicit a sense of play.

In addition to the branding a series of cards had to be developed that offered additional information to the user at predetermined events, since it was all built into the video itself.

The Alarm icon was used on the alarm cards when a fire alarms went off- which were a frequent problem for the client.  (see above).

A  bookmark Icon was used to highlight  chapters within the video which users could jump to if they so wished.

An information icon where users could, of course, discover more information on the current topic.

Quote popped up on the screen when a particularly useful quote cropped up within the tutorial. These were highlighted with a Quote Card designated by the quote icon (see previous page).

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