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#Paperhaul is an offshoot of Crafty Creatives, a subscription based service whereby consumers are able to subscribe to the service and receive a stationery pack which has been illustrated by a selected artist or illustrator. Inside the pack contains postcards, a greetings card, washi tape, a notebook and some stickers.

The concept behind the postcards was to produce two panels that would tell a story. Here we have familiar tropes of Film Noir - the femme fatale and the flawed hero who could be protector or tool. The postcards were intended to be a comic book panels giving a slice into two separate stories and the viewer would fill in the blanks themselves.

The washi tape collection was meant to invoke familiar Film Noir tropes - the smoking gun, the earrings and lipstick. These were rendered  as vector images. On reflection I wish I had used a texture overly.


Initially, the washi tape was a generic pattern that the client ordered and it wasn't until I did some research and found a supplier in China who would be able to produce custom washi tape at a reasonable price. Subsequently my collection was the first to feature custom washi tape.

For the stickers I was very keen to go with a facial rogues gallery of Film Noir characters. Some of these were referenced from existing Film Noir characters and some were created myself.

My approach for the Notebook cover was  centred around an exploration of Film Noir title cards and their typography. I did a large amount of research and opted to go for a 3-d relief effect that I thought would complement the concept behind these was to produce two panels that would tell a story.

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