- Omnicom Group's New Year Campaign -

Working with American animation company, One Eye-Robot we collaborated on an animation project for their client Omnicom Group, a global network of marketing communications agencies who offer a diverse, range of marketing solutions spanning advertising, customer relationship management, media planning and buying services & PR.

The scenes were fairly straightforward in nature requiring two which were by-and-large identical in nature - an alpine snowy scene with a skier racing toward the viewer and a traditional sleigh traversing across the screen. Both of these scenes then zoomed out to reveal that the scenes took place inside a snow globe after which a ribbon with the Christmas message  unravelled and tied itself around the globe.

I worked up some rough sketches to send over to One-Eyed Robot, so as to establish that we were on the same page visually.


From there it was a matter of producing the finals ready for approval by Omnicom.

The previous animation (Below, Top Left) featured a blue background with snowflakes appearing steadily forming a globe. From that point a red ribbon appeared from the behind the globe and enveloped the snow-flake globe to reveal the Christmas message, “Peace and joy around the world.”

For the new concept the background was to be kept absolutely identical, with the snow-flakes in the background only this time a set of seemingly random light illuminate. More lights come on until the Christmas message is spelled in lights, “Happiness & Peace Around the Globe.”

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