- K1Speed Commercial Pitch -

In my first ever international contract I worked with Omnific Advertising with their advertising pitch vying for a new account in K1 Speed. Omnific are a full-service agency based in California.

The concept behind the pitch revolved around the concept of showing two customer to K1-Speed entering one of their race courses and simply racing each other. The hook was that the piece was filmed as if they were professional racers finishing with the concept slogan, “Find You’re Speed At K1Speed.”

We then cut to various shots of the couple indulging in a go-kart race and various shots of them speeding around the track all backdropped with heavy metal guitars and twists and turns.


Compared to the pitch I think it is a considerably more creative and interesting approach to Omnific’s in that it gives the commercial and brand a considerably more unique spin.

The pitch was unsuccessful and the winning pitch went for a more abstract approach of addiction. The commercial starts in an AA-like meeting with the new couple announcing they are addicts to K1 Speed  for which they are met with unimpressed stares from the rest of the group before the male demonstrates by making car noises and wheel gestures when we flash to the K1 Speed track.

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- K1Speed Commercial Pitch -