- Sunglasses & Packaging -

Oakley were searching for a brand new design for their Artist Series collection of sunglasses and accessories from lesser-known artists and designers. I entered with a design that was based on my painting techniques using digital processes. After reaching the short-list I sadly didn’t get to the final round but was invited to the party were the winner would be announced who won a set with his design fully produced.

My approach to the illustration was largely inspired by the research I had done on the other Artist Series’ entries as well as other street art fashion illustration collaboration pieces for brands such as  Carhartt, Nike etc.


WIth that in mind I approached the piece as a usual piece of painted art I would do at the time, and settled on a abstracted female figure which I gave an additional third eye.

I initially drew the image up on bristol board and then inked by hand with a dip pen and india ink. From there I scanned the illustration into the computer where I coloured using abstract vector shapes to describe the planes.

The sunglasses bag, was a direct repeat of the box work - which was the way in which seemed to be the norm so I decided to follow that trend.

On the sunglasses themselves I used  dual colour concept with Blue one the left leg and red on the right. The letters of the colours were to represent the side of the glasses - blue for left and red for right.


The colouring technique employed the use of abstract shades of colour (white) which built up would give the impression of depth.


The design that I entered centred around the idea of my painted work as a wearable piece or art. My intention was that the box was to be kept as an ornamental piece that could be displayed on a shelf.

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