- Optioned US TV Series -

Night School is an adaptation of a web series (originally a series of books) currently under option by a major US TV network. The series started out as a web series on YouTube and won both acclaim and further awards, gaining the shorts international attention, awards and acclaim.


Beginning the story in London, the story focuses on Ali and her new experience at a boarding school where she adapts to a brand new life and uncovers mysterious goings on.

Distressed by the death of her brother Allie begins acting out and we start the story with Allie and Mark breaking into their school to wreck havoc where they are ultimately caught by the police.


The latest in a long string of run-ins with the police proves to be the last straw for Allie parents who decide to take the drastic step of sending Allie away to boarding school to try and bring her back to the fold.


The seemingly strict school appears to be a very big change for Allie as she adjusts to her new life and it is later on in the series where we discover strange goings on at the school.

My approach to the project was very detailed since I had a very broad deadline which afford me the time to put a good amount of detail into the boards. Additionally I thought that since the project would be a pitch for a major US network, good looking boards would be a definite boon.

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