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Marbek is a young clothing label based in Acton, West London. Initially it’s focus was looking at a worldwide sensibility but the focus has shifted to a more military vibe which was more in keeping with the urban camouflage look Marbek had. After I had finished the initial work on the labels I was asked to have a look at the company’s branding. Not being given the usually conditions I would have liked to have had, I would have to try and come up with a concept in a short space of time. The one stipulation I was given was, “Military, but not violent.” Doing some very brief brain-storming I came across the idea of a chess piece, specifically a knight which I felt answered the brief perfectly.

Whilst I was only drafted in for a short period of time, I worked initially on a large series of label concepts for use both inside and outside the garments. The caveats that I had to adhere to were the military themes as well as a global sensibility. I incorporated elements of the Armed Forces in subtle way such as geometric shapes that resembles rank chevrons as well as stars (there was some debate as stars were very in keeping with the US Army and we wanted to keep it British).


I looked at British Army rank epaulettes to get an idea of layout and typography but a far as type went it wasn’t as much of a constraint.

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