- Pre-Production & Key Art -

I was asked to produce some concept art for an independent film studio who was producing her first ever short film. Being a independent film the budget was very tight so I had a limited amount of time complete the work from sketch to final artwork. The film will be crowd-funded in order to raise the funds to commence shooting.

The story revolved around a schoolgirl who, as the name might suggest, struggles with acne and all the issues that brings with it. In the end she overcomes her problems with a stomach churning (at least for me) finale.


The idea was to make the artwork as disgusting as possible, giving a subtle and curious indication of where the story would go. This would involve lots of yellows and reds which I researched very heavily however the acne itself had to be exaggerated in order to get the idea across.


To start with I considered several different positions for the painting, but having a poster feel to it was important especially since the piece would be used as a promotional tool and prints will be produced to be used as rewards to backers, which will be signed by myself.

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