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I worked with Gong Communications to assist in production of artwork for a small sample of Gong’s wide variety of clientele. The projects that I was directly involved with were for  Olam, a global food and raw material supplier, ECP (Emerging Capital Partners), a private equity firm that dealt exclusively with emerging markets as well as Continental Reinsurance’s, a Pan-African re-insurer who were involved exclusively with the African markets. The was no conceptualising required from me so all work had to be produced to established, pre-existing  brand guidelines.

My work for Continental Reinsurance involved working on the digital artwork for their celebratory presentation marking their many successes in their industry.


The presentation work itself was very straightforward and involved working up the Keynote presentation from reference.

In addition I provided artwork support for an ECP (Emerging Capital Partners) leaflet, in French, which set out ECP’s mission statement and how it could be of assistance to it’s current and potential, future client-base. Again this was all created to the companies brand guidelines.

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