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EGI - The European Grid Infrastructure, based in Amsterdam, delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, multinational projects and research infrastructures.


Working at EGI on a contract where I operated within their existing brand guidelines to create supporting work for their promotional campaigns, web graphics, infographics and data visualisation as well as working on their Book of Abstracts which was produced in conjunction with EGI's annual conference.

EGI In Numbers formed part of their Why EGI campaign which urged scientist and policy makers to trust in EGI and what they were accomplishing with their organisation an their current members.

I really wanted to step back from the previous aesthetic approach and utilise a much simpler and less cluttered strategy that would be far more easily digestible. I felt that if I found it easily absorbed then a researcher or scientist would invariably find it considerably more so and typography played a big part in that strategy.

Each day of the conference were colour coded in the colours that were used in traditional ring binder dividers. There was a very large amount of information that had to be presented with utmost clarity to make the programme as easy to digest as possible.


In addition to colour coding the days I took the ring binder concept further by adding the specific sections on both the left and right hand pages to further clarify  which area the reader was looking at. The relevant section was printed in black and the others were printed white. This was inspired by taking the ring binder divider a little further.


The content of each section was then set up in a grid fashion, with each abstract (subject of study) set out in three columns with the authors (or conveners) credited in the third column. Pages were set out in this grid formula throughout the book.


The look and feel of the booklet was largely in keeping with EGI’s brand guidelines, I made the addition of introducing an additional typeface to help breakup the information.


The data for the document was created primarily in an .xml file which was then imported into InDesign.

The EGI Solutions campaign focused on promoting EGI to potential users across the European Union. The campaign outlined the benefits of working with EGI and how it could increase potential users productivity and deliver solutions that would benefit their goals.

Due to the fact the contract was part-time, the time constraints were very great. I therefore I relied on spit balling ideas back and forth with the Communications Manager who I sat opposite to. It turned out that was a more effective process due to the technical nature of the work produced.

Along with the booklet a series of discipline specific posters were also produced to be displayed at relevant seminars and events which would further explain how EGI could benefit target audience goals. The posters  were aimed at a more general audience as well as industry specific areas of science.

Part of the project involved creating a series of icons which would indicate what and for whom each piece of literature was intended to be targeting


Aimed at Research Infrastructures and Resource Centres already within the European Grid Infrastructure EGI community.


Aimed at helping the individual researchers and the research teams that have problems in accessing and using computational services for their research activity.


Targeted at researchers and research communities that need to access digital resources on a flexible environment


Aimed to help individual researchers, and research communities that have large scale data management and computational capacity requirements.

With the EGI Solutions project I also took the opportunity to look at some of the interior graphics that had been previously used and refreshed them to make them cleaner and easier to absorb.


To complete the project a folder was produced which would house all the literature. This was of course in keeping with the rest of the aesthetic.

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