- Created With Bench Founder -

I was hired by Kelvin Vidler (founder of Bench) to produce some branding and designs for his brand new label, Convict. I had a very limited amount of time to create both the branding and the first series of designs for the garments however I was very satisfied with the final products. I created something which would give a very simple but meaningful mark along with a strong logotype. I was required to stick to black and white for the whole line and it only made sense to use this for the branding as it fit in nicely with the concept of prison.


I started looking at fairly obvious prison tropes- bars, wire, towers etc. I eventually stuck with a piece of razor wire as I liked it’s geometric shape.

I took concepts from a lot of prison tattoos, especially Mexican tattoo with it’s italic flourishes and offset those against thicker typography.

In addition to the usual fare of T-shirts and sweatshirts I created designs for a series of varsity jackets. The above mockup is a good example of what I was trying to accomplish- I didn’t want to have the logo plastered all over the garments- I feel this comes across as a little too obvious and cheapens the brand somewhat so I preferred to stick with something a little different and much more understated.

Other concepts that I used was a simple US Department of Corrections style of typography, a very simple, unadorned typeface.

This was a continuation of the tattoo theme with the addition of a quincrux tattoo- used to represent time spent in prison.

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