- Viennese Burning Man Party -

I worked to assist Burning Ball with a set of support items for 2015’s Burning Ball event in Vienna. The theme of the event centred around the concept of The Orient Express and Burning Ball usual Art Nouveau sensibility. With that in mind I utilised The Orient’s colour palette of blue and gold and used this throughout the collateral, peppering the designs with art nouveau motifs.

The poster, along with the rest of the collateral, had to keep some existing elements from Burning Ball but I was given the freedom to do pretty much what I wanted. This was a volunteer position so I had to be economical with my time and used a lot of found assets which I would adapt.

In addition to the poster I created a tyvek bracelet for the party-goers as well as a souvenir badge which would be given out to the legion of volunteers of Burning Ball 2016.

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