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I was asked by Architas to initially help them to work up a pre-existing storyboard set of illustrations to aid the motion designer to complete the work in the shortest time possible.


This required me to add the common set of storyboard arrows and indicators in addition to breaking the up as necessary so that it would be paced at a more obvious and straightforward fashion as well as reformatting the descriptive copy so that it was more universally correct.


I was given a predetermined style guide to work from which was a good opportunity for me to work in a new and different style which I found to be a refreshing change.

Along with the storyboard enhancement I was tasked with producing an infographic which would conform to the pre-existing style-guide provided. From here I had to create a group of characters as well as additional horse, shield assets and jump barriers. The template from which I was given to work from was a very basic layout PDF from which I would have to rework all the elements and layout in order to most effectively convey the message.


The infographic displayed the investment opportunities of a Low Visibility and High Visibility investments and used the metaphor of a horse race to clearly define the advantages and disadvantages of both and how they can positively or negatively affect the investor and conversely which would be the better option for them. Following the defined artwork style and colour palette.

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