- Digital & Print Collateral -

In a further collaboration with Golin I looked at polishing and perfecting some Advertising Cloud collateral for Adobe.


This involved a subtle reorganisation of what had previously been created to make it easier to read and less confusing and disconnected. The overall work did, of course, had to be completed using existing brand guidelines so the challenge was to create something that was more readable and which would work across platforms and either digital or printed media.

My approach was to space out the content more effectively - I felt it had been produced very randomly and haphazardly which resulted in literature that was not easy to read or digest.


Broadening the use of typographic weights proved to be a great idea as it helped hugely in augmenting the document and giving a far clearer hierarchy of information that the consumer would be able to read more comfortably.


Working with Golin I was asked to create a brochure for Adobe’s annual Report. This years publication focussed on Creative Director Confessions which documented a survey conducted by Golin that asked a variety of key questions about the creative industry and where is would be heading in the future and what technologies would be the biggest influencers.


The project had to loosely fit within both the look and feel of the previous brochure, provided to me, although I was given some wriggle room to make changes as I saw fit.

I utilised a very bright colour palette which were all taken from a set of provided photographs and which, I felt, all worked very well in giving the piece a contemporary feel.


In addition to the copy layout I also created header icons to denote chapter headers as well as an infographic which picked out data from the survey and I visualised the information with design and illustration.

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